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36- Men's Sexual Health with Valerie Padd

November 12, 2023 James McMinn/Valerie Padd Episode 36
Functional Medicine Podcast
36- Men's Sexual Health with Valerie Padd
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 In this episode  of the Functional Medicine Podcast we present to you a detailed discussion of men's sexual health  with our special guest  Nurse Valerie Padd,  certified  sexual educator and coach.  Sexual well-being is a part of the fabric of overall  health.  A vibrant sex life is your birthright, and yet it is very common for men to struggle with various sexual health concerns.  These concerns may be devastating to the affected individuals. Yet, men's sexual issues are stigmatized and swept under the rug.  Men are often embarrassed and even ashamed to discuss these issues and seek help.   They are left to feel frustrated and inadequate,  and are  often forced to suffer in silence, not knowing where to turn for help. 

In this episode of the Functional Medicine Podcast we  unabashedly address these issues head on.  We offer a range of practical solutions for our listeners, so that they can better understand men's sexual health concerns,  and move forward toward a more fulfilling  sex life. 

Valerie Padd applies the "bio-psycho-social" model to  a man's relationship with his own body,  his mind, his partner, and the world around him.  She then utilizes a functional and integrative approach to address these concerns.  Men's sexual health is not just a personal matter; it's intertwined with societal expectations, spiritual beliefs, cultural norms, and the ever-evolving landscape of human relationships.

 Societal pressures have historically placed unrealistic expectations on men.  These expectations have only been exacerbated by the  omnipresence of pornography in our society.  By opening up a dialogue on men's sexual health, we aim to  identify and dismantle the stereotypes that perpetuate shame, fear, and ignorance.  Ms Padd exposes and confronts the myths surrounding men's sexual health, and she delves into a wide array of  specific topics ranging from  low desire, to erectile dysfunction. 

 In this podcast  we hope to empower men with information to help them  foster healthier connections with themselves and their partners.

We hope that you enjoy the show and learn something that is helpful to you or someone that you care about. 

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