Functional Medicine Podcast

35- Sexual Health for Women with Valerie Padd

October 26, 2023 James McMinn MD, Valerie Padd, RN Episode 35
Functional Medicine Podcast
35- Sexual Health for Women with Valerie Padd
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On the Functional Medicine Podcast we attempt to help you achieve "optimization"  in every aspect of your life, and your intimate life is no exception.  As a functional medicine doctor, I heard the concerns of my women patients, and sadly, the majority of them complained of issues related to sexual health.   The medical community has largely ignored these issues, and we have taught these women to suffer in silence.   Today on the show, we are excited to present to you Ms. Valerie Padd, RN, a sexual health expert and certified sex counselor.  Together we explore what a healthy thriving sex life looks like, and we also discuss many of the common problems that women experience in the sexual arena.  We discuss  pain with intercourse, along with low desire, difficult arousal, problems with orgasm, and many other sexual health concerns.  Throughout this discussion, we also present practical solutions for improvement in these areas.  So sit back, tune in and enjoy the show!

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Sexual Health for Women
Healthy Sex Life for Women
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Effective Communication for Discussing Intimacy
Initiating Sex and Communication in Relationships
Treating Sexual Health Stigma and Issues
Improving Sexual Education and Empowering Women
Understanding Sexual Desire and Its Fluctuations
Understanding and Communicating Sexual Desire
Enhancing Sexual Desire and Satisfaction
Understanding Female Arousal and Orgasm
Enhancing Sexual Pleasure and Orgasm
Exploring Erotica and Masturbation for Health