Functional Medicine Podcast

32- Mind Body Medicine

May 31, 2023 James McMinn Episode 32
Functional Medicine Podcast
32- Mind Body Medicine
Show Notes

Modern medicine these days is often practiced in silos. We have an "ologist" for this (like a cardiologist) and an "ologist" for that (like a gastroenterologist), and they are often not talking to each other.  However, in fact it is all connected, but very few doctors look at the big picture.   The master connector of the entire body  is the mind. As an old Chinese proverb says "The body is a puppet of the mind."  On this show we are blessed to have with us Dr. Erica Young, one of the rare doctors that takes the time to connect the dots.   She is an integrative MD, who practices top down medicine. She feels that the mind and the body are not separate, but instead they act as one. She takes the time to listen, and and she works with her expanded therapeutic toolbox of integrative therapies.   She works with each  patient to help him or her achieve his or her health care goals by optimizing mind, body, and spirit as one. 

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