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29- Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

January 25, 2023 James McMinn Episode 29
Functional Medicine Podcast
29- Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men
Show Notes

We often think of testosterone in the context of libido and muscles. However, there is so much more to this amazing hormone for men. Just about every cell in the body has testosterone receptors. As such, testosterone levels affect brain health, bone health, skin health, mood, sleeep, memory, attention, concentration, confidence, metabolizm, body composition, energy, life-drive, sex drive, erectile function, as well as overall quality of life and enjoyment of living. Also, many diseases are associated with testosterone, such as diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, depression, and muscle wasting. We even see that Low-T is associated with increased mortality!

Dr. McMinn describes "Grumpy Ol' Man Syndrome," and describes testosterone as the "get off the couch hormone." Dr. McMinn and Coach Lindsy lay out the signs, symptoms, of low T, and also decribe a process for evaluation and treatment of Low T.

We have found over the years that a well-monitored program for Testosterone optimization can provide dramatic improvement in the health and quality of life for a man, and if properly administered, is generally quite safe.

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